The FHSAA is the governing body that oversees student athletes and interscholastic athletic programs in all Florida high school sports, facilitates good sportsmanship among players and coaches, and sponsors state championships. As a Florida  football official, you will use this website to register as an official, complete annual FHSAA Official Testing, consult statewide football rules and regulations, and access your personal FHSAA account.

In cooperation with the FHSAA, the GMAC oversees all high school sports in public and private high schools in Miami-Dade County, and promotes good sportsmanship and healthy competition among athletes. 

Officials can refer to this page for all National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) football rules, regulations and guidelines.


ArbiterSports is a scheduling tool used by booking commissioners to coordinate and share all game assignments. On this website, officials can find lists of all high school football games, game locations, registered officials, participating schools and school contact information. Officials will need to create an ArbiterSports ID and password, and will use this website to get all game assignments throughout the year.